Burning Man 2002

Some pictures taken at The Burning Man Project in 2002.

You click the tiny picture or the text link to get the medium sized picture. 30 - 50 k.
You click the little picture to get the BIG PICTURE. 100 - 300 k.

Ticket ... Large
Ticket ... Medium

2002 Ticket Front

New design. Hemp fibers and soy ink. Several new anti counterfeiting features, some of which won't scan.
Ticket ... Large
Ticket ... Medium

2002 Ticket Back

Now the fine print says they can search your car. They did too; looking for stowaways.

Camp ... Large
Camp ... Medium

My Camp

141° Abyss
This time I had two parachutes; green inside and white on top.

Gongs ... Large
Gongs ... Medium


Some hanging gongs with a windmill to ring them.

Fresnel lens ... Large
Fresnel lens ... Medium

Giant Fresnel Lens

I got this Giant Fresnel lens on eBay. 30" x 40", focal length 1.5m. Image of the Sun about 5/8 Inch. Fires dry hardwood in 3 seconds. Melts one pound of lead in 5 minutes. That's 620°F. I set it up on a street corner on Wednesday and melted lead ingots over and over. Several dozen people stopped by to look. I had 4 pieces of welding glass to hand around. Oddly enough half of the people who asked questions at all asked what I was doing it for. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I should have made some little Burning Man molds. The bar would just sit there until it got good and hot and then it would quickly turn liquid just at the focal point. The bright surface of the metal does not seem to slow it down much. The area of the lens is about the same as the surface area of one side of your body; think about it.
Fresnel lens ... Large
Fresnel lens ... Medium

Giant Fresnel Lens

Here is a close up of the crucible taken through the green glass. Thursday I was too lazy. Friday I set it up in the open near the esplanade. Didn't work so hot, too cloudy, and there was a brief storm that afternoon. The slightest overcast spoils it. Maybe I will make a smaller crucible and insulate it on the bottom. Saturday was too cloudy. Sunday I burned the stand, will make a better one someday.

Draka breathing fire ... Large
Draka breathing fire ... Medium


Draka is back!
Last year she suffered the indignity of being used as a public bus. Then she caught fire in a welding accident and burned to the ground.
She got better.
Draka's Web site was www.drakathedragon.org

Fish car ... Large
Fish car ... Medium

Fish Car

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