Burning Man 2001

Some pictures taken at The Burning Man Project in 2001.

You click the tiny picture or the text link to get the medium sized picture. 30 - 50 k.
You click the little picture to get the BIG PICTURE. 100 - 300 k.

Burning Man 2001 Ticket ... Large
Burning Man 2001 Ticket ... Medium
2001 Ticket
"You voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death by attending".

Camp ... Large
Camp ... Medium
My Camp
Here is my camp.
I used the same parachute for shade as before. Just bought 12 PVC couplers and reused the old pipes. Use the longer and stronger water pipe couplers, not the short electric conduit kind. The wind was not bad this year so I never furled it and never even got around to lashing the joints. I did drive extra rebar stakes on the windward side though. I used the official orange plastic rebar caps to avoid leg wounds, they are pretty cheap and better than plastic bottles.
After last year's startling wind speed claims I brought an American Kestrel pocket wind meter. The highest speed that I ever measured was just 24 miles per hour, and I doubt that it ever got much higher.

Looking for Carrots ... Large
Looking for Carrots ... Medium
Looking for Carrots
(Not sure about the title of this work)

Spinning Rock ... Large
Spinning Rock ... Medium
Spinning Rock bearing ... Large
Spinning Rock bearing ... Medium
Spinning Rock
By Zachary Coffin. A 21,000 pound granite boulder set atop a bearing. It was placed with the aid of a special crane.
Spinning Rock crane ... Large
Spinning Rock crane ... Medium
Many people did not get it and thought that it was for climbing on. It's inertia was pretty large but once moving it spun pretty easily. I got it up to 25 RPM by myself and I think it could go faster.

Oz ... Large
Oz ... Medium
The Emerald stage at night.

Man ... Large
Man ... Medium
The Man
Just another standard Man picture.

Temple of Memory ... Large
Temple of Memory ... Medium
The Temple of Memory
By David Best and Jack Haye
You know those plywood dinosaur bones sold in expensive toy stores? This is where the scraps went. It burned quite well.

Man ... Large
Man ... Medium
The Man in 3-D
The Man in the daytime as an anaglyph. To see the stereo effect you need to wear your red-blue 3-D glasses.

Man ... Large
Man ... Medium
The Man in 3-D
The Man at night as an anaglyph. To see the stereo effect you need to wear your red-blue 3-D glasses.

Horse ... Large
Horse ... Medium
Most of a horse strung together on rebar.

Corn ... Large
Corn ... Medium
Corn Closeup ... Large
Corn Closeup ... Medium
Solar Powered Corn
In the daytime the solar cells in the leaves charge the battery. At night the ears light up in shifting patterns; each kernel is lit separately.

Man at Night... Large
Man at Night ... Medium
The Man at night
A 30 second exposure of The Man at night in between gusts. The strange blue halo is from the neon light bouncing off the dust specks.

Monkey Temple ... Large
Monkey Temple ... Medium
Monkey Temple
By Tony Rousamaniere
A three dimensional maze. You crawl around, up and down, through secret doors and puzzles. Very cool. It was better than The Maze.

Monolith ... Large
Monolith ... Medium
The monolith from "2001, a space odyssey". Unlike some other monoliths this one actually measures 12 x 22 x 32.

Me ... Large
Me ... Medium
I did not waste any film on other nak ed people. Once you have seen your first 5,000 they are just not that interesting anymore.
I did make this formal self portrait though.

Buffalo ... Large
Buffalo ... Medium
Made of springs. Coated with playa dust.

Bone Tree ... Large
Bone Tree ... Medium
Bone Tree
By Dana and Flash.

Parking Meter ... Large
Parking Meter ... Medium
Parking Meter closeup ... Large
Parking Meter closeup ... Medium
Parking Meter
I bought a parking meter on eBay and set it up in the middle of nowhere. It was just so ironic and stuff. I used GPS to note it's position of 40° 45.486' N 119° 13.709' W in case I were to forget where to find it again but this proved unnecessary. I watched it a while from a distance. People would trek all the way over to see what it was and all they found was a parking meter. About half took pictures. Some people actually put in money. I collected four quarters, one nickel, one dime, and a 3 volt MnO2-Li cell. I regret to report that the battery did not work; it just fell through. At night it bore a red glow stick to ward off dragons and other dangers, nothing bad happened to it.

Flock ... Large
Flock ... Medium
Flock Closeup ... Large
Flock Closeup ... Medium
By Michael Christian
A headless creature with plant-like legs. 42 feet high.

Subjugator ... Large
Subjugator ... Medium
Subjugator claw... Large
Subjugator claw ... Medium
A radio controlled robot equipped with a great claw and a flamethrower. At night it battled the Tesla coil and destroyed a helpless sheet of plywood.

Ferris Wheel ... Large
Ferris Wheel ... Medium
Ferris Wheel
By Jericho Reese and the Bike Rodeo. A Ferris Wheel for two people. One sits on the bottom while the other climbs up and sits on the top. Seat belts on! Then they peddle.

Together ... Large
Together ... Medium
By Ben Niebauer.

WaterBoy ... Large
WaterBoy ... Medium
Temple of WaterBoy 4.0
By Marque Comblatt
Donate a gallon of water to WaterBoy.

I carried no camera on the night of The Burn. 200 foot high synchronized pillars of fire don't look the same on film and I did not want to watch them through a little viewfinder. You just had to have been there.

Most of the titles I have taken from the descriptions on the Burning Man web pages. I hope that I have matched the pictures with the right names but if you do notice any errors feel free to correct me.

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