Burning Man 1997

Some pictures taken at The Burning Man Project in 1997.

29 pairs of pictures; 24 bit JPEG; no gamma correction; 2,799,836 bytes total. The large versions are 50k-170k each.

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Man at night
  The Man at Night. Steady purple. Intermittent green. People gaze upon him like a Christmas tree.

Snake sculpture
  Snakes. Snakes emerge from the playa. That's Skip the artist in front. I spent several hours helping to coat this with mud. It burned with the Man.

Tower (not burned yet)
  Tower. The stage for the opera 'Daughters of Ishtar'. Mud over metal lath. The tower's steel skeleton grew orange hot in the fire but it never did fall.

Sphere at night
  The Sphere of Influence. They strap someone in the chair and a couple dozen bystanders roll it about slowly. Loud music and strobe lights add to the effect. Very cool.

Puppet theater and chairs
  Laughing Scorpion Puppet Theater. Just sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Bicicle sailboat thing
  Spirit of Black Rock. Take a ride.

Man in daytime
  The Man. There he is.

Man from below
  The Man. The Man from below.

The secret room below the Man
  The Secret Chamber. Inside the secret room below the Man. (enhanced image)
The banner is by Carrie Lesperance.
It burned with the Man; although that was not the plan.

Big colorful tent
  Big Tent. Blowing in the wind.

Close up of Man's left shoulder
  The Man. The Man down to have his green lights installed. Note the cables and pulleys that raise his arms.

Man tilted down for maintainance
  The Man. The Man down for a little midday nap.

Self portrait with bicycle
  Me. I figured that if I was going to show other na ked people that it was only fair to show myself too. I went about nu de from Thursday through Sunday. I was used to it by Friday. Once you have seen your first 200 na ked people the novelty is gone.
Several people have asked me if it was 'uncomfortable' to ride a bicycle nu de. Strangely enough that is the only question I was asked. The answer is 'No'. I wore some light shoes that protected my feet from the sharp lumps on the peddles and the hot desert floor. My bottom did get a bit sore from sitting on the plastic saddle for four days. Apart from that and the hot sun I was not in the least bit uncomfortable at all and no I never pinched my testicles.

Women painting each other
  White wash. Just adding a new skin color.

Bubble tower
  Bubble Machine. Solar powered, computerized, makes bubbles.

Tesla coil
  Tesla coil. Makes sparks.

Woman with very nice paint job
  Painted lady. She also shaves heads.

Someone making a butt print
  The Cult of Callipygos. First they paint your butt then you sit on a sheet to make your butt print then you sign your butt print then they photograph your butt then they wash your butt with sponge and water spray then you spin for a prize and if you win you get it by feeling around inside a big butt.

Someone getting a light whipping
  Temple of Atonement. This is what happens to people who sell their souls. They also get a free pen.

Two women with nice body paint
  Painted People.

Guy walking inside a wheel
  Hamster Wheel. Out for a spin.

Guy sliding on wet plastic
  Water Slide You get a good running start and dive.

People running after a water truck
  Water Truck! Bath time! Bless you mister water truck driver!

Big melting ball of ice
  Temporal Decomposition. A big sundial made of solid ice frozen in a big refrigerated mold built right there in the desert. The flame thrower has had it's way with it.

Fly Hot springs
  Fly Hot Springs. That's me in the foreground. I took a disposable camera to the springs and unfortunately this is the only picture that came out fairly well. I don't think it is good to leave cameras in the wet grass under the hot sun. You just had to have been there.

A meandering stream of bodies
I posed for Spencer Tun ick's mass nu de photograph. Everyone in the picture got an 8x10 print. (I assume it is copyrighted so I won't post the full version here; but it is (or was) posted at Spencer Tun ick's Web site). I am in the 8th row from the far end; tried to get a better spot but I was not going to elbow my way through 150 na ked people to get there!
Afterward someone yelled 'Jumping Jacks!'. So we did.

Man just starting to burn
  The Man burns. First go the feet and hands.

Man burning with fireworks
  The Man burns bright. He is stuffed with fireworks.

Man just plane burning
  The Man Burns. See the man. See the man burn. Burn man burn!

Man goes down in flames
  The Man Falls. The crowd closes in ...

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