Burning Man 1998

Some pictures taken at The Burning Man Project in 1998.

31 pairs of pictures; 24 bit JPEG; 1.05 gamma correction; 2,058,082 bytes total. The large versions are about 30k-120k each.
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Last year I carried a camera at all times and exposed 11 rolls of film. The main purpose of this was to induce my friends and relations to join together and create a cool and original theme camp. Unfortunately it failed and instead it just scared the hell out of them so once again I went alone to Burning Man 1998. This year I carried a disposable camera on my bicycle and left the real cameras in the car. At the end of the week I got them out and ran around taking pictures of everything like a damn tourist. With a few exceptions these were taken on Saturday night through Sunday night. The result was fewer good pictures and a very incomplete record but the more important result was that I was able to enjoy myself more by experiencing things directly and without having to drag around and care for a stupid camera. Maybe I won't be needing a camera at all next year.

The Man at night
The Man at night
Just another standard Man image.

Two Men
The Man and the man
Two guys.

Red car under blue plastic
My Camp
Here is my camp. The two right tires of the car are parked right on the plastic; it's not blowing anywhere. After crawling into my nice new shade shelter I soon noticed something very strange; it felt hotter inside than outside! The thermometer soon told the tale: 95° in open shadow and 108° under the blue 'shade'. Spent the afternoons lying in the real shade on the north side of my car. Got to get me a white parachute for next year.
The bicycle's odometer showed 134 miles at the end of the week.

Generator in a hole
Underground generator
Putting these things in holes muffled the noise somewhat.
But when the playa dried out in 1999 it was found that some of the holes had not been filled in very well and they sank like potholes.

Ugly Stubbed Toe at 24 hours
The Toe
On Friday I stubbed my toe on a rebar stake. Broke the nail in half and formed a cute little hinge of skin to swing it sideways on. Turned sort of white and dead looking. This occurred as I was drinking water from the very same bottle that I was going to use to cap the rebar with. Soaked it in H2O2 and went to the first-aid station for dressings and a tetanus booster. It got better.

Big wheel bike
Big wheel bike
Bike with great big wheels.

Land Yacht
Land Yacht
She was doing so well until she smacked into the Temple of Rudra. One person was injured falling overboard. It is said that someone had poisoned the Captain with GHB. Afterwards she was cut up and hauled away.

Sail on a skateboard
A standard windsurfer sail mounted on a skate board.

Missile stuck in the ground
Lost Missile
Anyone missing a missile?
It landed here.

Chapel of the Burning Book at night with singer
Chapel of the Burning Book
Stained plastic windows lighted from within. Also called the 'Taj Mahal', and 'Plastic Chapel'.

Big spiky plant with fire on top
Fire Thistle
A big spiky metal plant with fire on top.

Black Rock Nuclear Reactor
Black Rock Nuclear Reactor
Take the factory tour. Go inside and flip switches until the alarms sound. Teacher makes the children write touching thank you-notes for the company bulletin board.

Air Hug from the inside
Air Hug
"The Brainwasher is like a drive-through car-wash; but for people; and without a conveyor belt, and dry. It is a very large tickler."

Big colorful flag thing
The Dragon or The Bird or The Butterfly
A big colorful flag thing.
(Someone please tell me the true name of this thing.)

Man made of junk mail
Junkmail Man
Bring your junk mail and dispose of it here.

A tensile-integrity sculpture. The sticks do not touch each other; they are all hanging from the cords. Here is the view up the center.

18 foot Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil
Eighteen feet high. Built by Greg Leyh of LOD and operated by Dr. MegaVolt. Long sparks reach out and set fire to various amusing objects placed within it's grasp. I made no attempt to photograph it in operation; it is the sort of thing that can only be seen and heard live.

People cool off under the One Tree
The One Tree
In the day it drips water and at night it spouts fire.
That is me in the foreground; only fair to show myself if I show other na ked people too. I went about nu de most of the week and am now quite used to the idea.

Mud people get a rinse
Free Mass Shower
Mud bath alternates with water shower. The worst thing about having a stupid toe wound to keep clean was that I couldn't join in.

My little trebuchet
I brought my little trebuchet out to the playa. It throws one pound lead balls 145 feet with good accuracy. I thought this would be a semi-original idea but it turned out that there were three bigger ones out there too. It performed very well until someone burned it late Sunday night.

Trebuchet made of PVC pipe
PVC Trebuchet
This one is by Grover. It is a human powered traction machine that throws beer cans.

Trebuchet made of wood
Wood Trebuchet
This one is by Joe and Alec. Made all of wood and throws bowling balls and burning hay.

Trebuchet made of pipe and plywood
Trebuchet of pipe and wood
A trebuchet made of 1 1/2 inch pipe and plywood. This one is by Ted and friends. Throws large fruit, small appliances, etc.

Big Ass SUV
Temple of the Big Ass SUV
The Big Ass Sport Utility Vehicle burns.

Temple of Rudra burns
Temple of Rudra
The temple burns very early Sunday morning.

Man with arms raised
Arms Up
Ready to burn.

Big burning ball
Orbicular Affect
One of the four balls burning before the Man. Also another view before burning. Six foot diameter; made of wood scraps.

Man covered in flames
The Man burns bright
The man goes up in a fierce roar. He is stuffed extra full with fireworks.

Man just plane burning
Man Burning
The Man burns some more.

Three mile long line of cars
Rush Hour
Hurry! Hurry! Break camp quick so we can beat the traffic!
Let's see ... clickclickclick ... 15,000 people ... 3 people per car ... 5 seconds per car ... single lane ... only ... 7 hours!
Better keep that engine running!
For my part I whiled away the last day by eating, sleeping, packing, and wandering about the open playa filling trash bags with tiny specks of other peoples litter. Sat out one last dust storm, took a bath in the last of my bulk water, gave spare food and bottled water to the cleanup crew and drove non stop out the gate towards home.

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