Burning Man 2000

Some pictures taken at The Burning Man Project in 2000.

You click the little picture to get the BIG PICTURE.

Burning Man 2000 Ticket
2000 Ticket
"You voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death by attending".

The Man as an Anaglyph
The Man in 3-D
This is a red-blue anaglyph.
In order to see the 3-D effect you need to have red-blue 3-D glasses with the red over your left eye.
Two pictures taken with a normal camera and then combined into one. Here's how.

Spider creeping in it's web
He scuttles back and forth across his web.

By Cassidy Curtis and Chris Whitney. Four mirrors on a swivel. Like having your eyes ten feet apart.
Read all about it at the eyestilts telestereoscope Web page.

Tower of Torsos
Tower of Torsos
Casts of human torsos mounted on a tower.

Winged Horse
Winged Horse
Struggling to be free of the dry water.

A bunch of colorful flags
The Colors of Pasifika
Lots of colorful flags. They survived the strong winds pretty well.

Pepe's Tower
By Pepe Ozan. Used for the opera.

Horizontal windmill
Wind Mill
A horizontal wind mill.

The Man
The Man
This was taken on Wednesday. Later He got a spinning disk on His head but I think He looked better bare headed.

Rib Cage
Rib Cage Rib cage with Guy

By Giles and Philip. Also called the Bird Cage.

The top of a Laser Tower
Laser Tower
One of the towers used to project big green lasers in the shape of the Burning Man logo.

My camp and parachute sun shelter
My Parachute Sun Shelter
The parachute shelter is the same as last year. I just trimmed the ends of the PVC pipes and bought 12 couplers and reused them; the pipes were made a little long last time for that purpose.
When you buy PVC couplers get the water pipe kind; they are longer and stronger than the electric conduit kind.
To furl a parachute in a heavy wind just free all the leeward cords and haul the canopy to windward. Tie it in a long bundle against the ground and it will be fine. Do not furl it to leeward; just trust me on that. :(

Drago de Foc
Drago de Foc Gold dragon getting breathed upon by Draka

Golden Dragon. By the Mystic Crew of Satyrs.

The business end of the dragon car
Draka the Dragon
By Lisa Nigro. A flame thrower in her mouth. 124 feet long; 144 feet including the flaming breath.
Draka's Web site was www.drakathedragon.org

The Body of Knowledge
The Body of Knowledge
The Body of Knowledge at Night
By Dana and Flash.

Man down and having a hat fitted
Man Getting a New Hat
Here the Man is tilted down on Saturday to have his body stuffed with fireworks and to have a rotating disk attached to his head.

View from a Tower
View from a Tower
No one fell off this year.

Bike wheel fouled with playa mud
Bike Mud
Friday night I took my bike out for a ride. It rained. Once the wheels stop turning they just do not turn again. I thought of just going home and buying a new bike, but there is a 'leave no trace policy' so I dragged it two miles back to camp. Met many other people doing the same. Did not propose a drag race.

This is Me on Saturday morning after dragging bike. Just cleaned my glasses; they will not stay that way long.

Glass Woman
Coalita Glass Woman

By Finley Fryer.
Wire frame body lined with bits of colored glass and packed with charcoal.
Web site is coalita.

Faces of the Man
Faces of the Man Metal face crying fire

By Dan Das Mann.
One side cries water, one side cries sand, one side cries fire.

Blue Shark
Blue Shark
It's peddle powered.

One of the minds
Danger Mind Field

Box Man
Box Man

VW Art Car
VW Art Car

I didn't waste much film on na ked people, but here is my formal portrait for this year.

A big white head
White Head

At night it glows red hot.

Vertical flame thrower
Impotency Compensation Project.
By Jimmy Mason.
One of the several big vertical flame throwers.
Diesel and kerosene mixture. Big black smoke rings by day; 300 foot high pillars of flame by night.

Bare bodies in a dust storm
Mass nu de photograph
Spencer Tun ick (with ladder) managed to get several hundred na ked people to lay down in a freezing dust storm for another mass nu de photograph.
I got a spot near the front this time, but it was way too close. When the print arrived months later the only signs of me were my feet in the lower right corner.

CD fried by Tesla coil
Tesla Fried CD
This is a CD that was fried by the Tesla coil. Two big Tesla coils
Dr. MegaVolt held it in his hand and a fat blue spark just blew the foil layer right off. You can see where his stainless steel mail clad thumb was. Note the odd little scars in the plastic where the electricity passed. He tossed it to the ground and I was the favored one who snatched it first.
His underlings gave out some cool temporary tattoos too.
His Web site is drmegavolt.com

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