3D Pictures

Here are some 3-D pictures that can be free viewed. You do not need special 3-D glasses or anything like that; just stare at your monitor and you will see the stereo effect. The pictures are in sets of three. Use the left pair for the wall eye method or the right pair for the cross-eye method. The center picture is for your right eye. The two outer pictures are for the lef t eye and the very same le ft eye picture is used twice to save on Internet transmission time. It's a pretty cute trick; I wish I thought of it first.

Lone Pine Lake
Left EyeRight Eye
Left Eye Right Eye Left Eye
 Right EyeLe ft Eye

The Wall-Eye method: Slide your browser window to the left if it won't fit on screen. Focus your eyes on the screen. Look at the center picture with your right eye. Look at the left picture with your lef t eye. Fuse the two images by prying your eyeballs apart like they are looking at something far away.
The main limitation on this method is that the pictures may not be wider than the distance between the viewer's eyes; about 65 mm or 2½ inches. The actual size of the image on your monitor will depend on the size of your CRT and on the resolution that you have set it to. They may be of any height though.

The Cross-Eye method: Slide your browser window to the right if needed. Cross your eyes. Look at the center picture with your right eye. Look at the right picture with your lef t eye. Focus on the screen. Fuse the two Images.
This method is easier for near sighted people, or for anyone else who cannot master the wall-eye method. The images may be wider too because people can crank their eyes together much further than they can crank them apart.

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Last Update: March 18, 2001